Reading fewer blogs to read more blogs

I’ve decided that I no longer have enough time to read as many blogs as I did. Although having said that, although I felt snowed under during the week, I’ve found myself with way more spare time at the weekend than I expected.

Anyway, my Bloglines account had almost 300 subscriptions in it. I’ve followed the advice that all those lame “don’t waste as much time blogging” articles contain, and I’ve trimmed it down to under 200 now. I’m only sticking with blogs that I really like to read. I’ve also made some changes to the blogroll. I usually give borderline blogs the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve been pretty ruthless this time.

Another reason why I’ve taken a lot of blogs out of my Bloglines list is because I’ve realised that I’m no longer really reading blogs. When you’ve got a counter that actually tells you how many posts you haven’t read, the whole thing becomes like a game to get that number down to zero. Well, that’s how the world of Duncan works anyway.

I’m not sure how much time this is going to save me though. A lot of the feeds that I took out hadn’t been updated for a long time, sometimes up to a year!

Anyway, I’m hoping to explore the blogosphere a bit more in the way I did before I discovered RSS readers.


  1. I know what you’re talking about, I binned the RSS reader and blogroll and now only link to blogs I read all the time, it seems to give me far more time.

    I do have a seperate list of blogs that I do like to read about once a week and catch up with…

  2. I’ve found myself with less and less time to read blogs or even post to my own blog lately but that’s partly because I’ve been working on developing a new project.

    I’m thinking part of the problem is I’m getting into podcasts in a big way and TV seems to be getting watchable again so there are more demands on my time.

    I mean, I’ve had three new Doctor Who books for a whole weekend and have barely started one of them – six months ago they’d all be finished and on eBay by now!

    Plus I’m working on a new political blog I’m hoping to launch in the next few weeks – keeping two blogs will be interesting given that I’m struggling to do one but I don’t really want to bring politics into what is a geek/tech blog.

    If you’re interested the new site is

  3. Yeah it started life as a music podcast/blog but I decided I could easily keep music talk within Up Your Ego so decided to use it as a political blog.

    I’m hoping it will be one of those – ‘why the name?’ type of situations that keep people talking – bit of mystery that makes you want to read on.