The state of the Scottish blogosphere

I forgot / didn’t have the time to mention it at the time, but a couple of weeks back Scottish Roundup turned one year old. But it wasn’t the only one — Tartan Hero, Scots and Independent, North to Leith and Granite City were all celebrating last week — mere days after I was bemoaning […]

I’m converted!

To Google Reader, that is. I’ve been a user of Bloglines pretty much ever since I started heavily using RSS feeds. Which is probably getting on for a couple of years. I was pretty happy with it. Sure, sometimes it is a bit slow to update feeds, and it is down more often than I […]

Google Reader’s killer feature

I’ve been a big user of Bloglines ever since I started properly using RSS feeds. I’ve not wanted to use Google Reader before — it was clunky, fugly, slow and just really shit. But Google Reader has been given more than a spring clean this week, and it feels a whole lot smarter. But Bloglines […]

Reading fewer blogs to read more blogs

I’ve decided that I no longer have enough time to read as many blogs as I did. Although having said that, although I felt snowed under during the week, I’ve found myself with way more spare time at the weekend than I expected. Anyway, my Bloglines account had almost 300 subscriptions in it. I’ve followed […]

Blogspot and Bloglines — what’s going on?

Since some time yesterday every Blogger / hosted blog has been displayed with a red exclamation mark next to it in Bloglines. Which is bad news. I’ve heard a lot of Blogger users moaning recently. But the feeds themselves seem to still exist so I’m kind of confused. Is Google / Blogger blocking Bloglines […]

Google Reader

Well now that things have sped up, I’ve had a shot at Google Reader. I don’t really like it. Bloglines is better for me at the moment. I bet if today’s Google were to launch a search engine, it certainly wouldn’t have the ‘simplicity’ that is meant to have made Google so popular.


I just upgraded to WordPress While I’m talking about admin type stuff, not all of my posts have been appearing on Bloglines recently, for me anyway. I don’t think it’s Bloglines’ fault, because I haven’t had any problems reading any other blogs with it. Hopefully any problems have been fixed now.

Catching up

I’m sure there was something specifically I had to apologise for. Anyway, I’m a bit behind with blogging at the moment — a mixture of Bloglines being down over the weekend, and the fact that I spent the whole weekend doing an essay. So I’m still catching up. I’m still very tired, even though I […]

They all break eventually…

Bloglines is down, which is just disastrous. Update: Although I have got an essay to do, so it’s probably a good thing… Update 2: Just in time for my essay deadline, it’s back! At last!