Reaching a wider audience or just creating an echo chamber?

For the past few weeks I have been using Digsby, a smart Trillian-style multi-protocol IM client. I’ve tried such programs before — Trillian, Pidgin and Meebo — but for one reason or another they all annoyed me. For this reason, before Digsby I stuck to having MSN, Google Talk and Skype all open at once. […]

It looks like Scots are tight after all

There are some adverts running at the moment that jar with me a bit. The charity World Vision is advertising for sponsors. Nothing wrong with that of course. And the adverts are hardly going to be works of creative genius either. It’s pretty much what you would expect from that sort of advert. But there […]

You don’t hear me saying ‘Yahoo!’

So I can now use MSN sorry, Windows Live Messenger to have a chitty-chat with Yahoo! Messenger users. But I have to add them all first. Why can’t I just associate my MSN account with a Yahoo! ID? Can somebody tell me, is there a reason for this, or are they — MSN, Yahoo!, the […]

MySpace launches IM client; I reach for gun

Just as it was beginning to look like we would only need to use MSN Messenger and Google Talk to be able to talk to just about anyone (nobody uses ICQ any more, right?), MySpace have decided to create their own IM client. And just because it’s MySpace, it will be huge. Let’s face it, […]

Back to basics for MSN Messenger

I just got told to download the new version of Windows Live Messenger Beta, and it’s another radical change. Too many people must have died of shock after seeing the last version, because it is right back to basics. I imagine things will still change quite a lot before it comes out of beta because […]

In praise of Google Talk

I’ve taken the piss out of Google Talk a few times on this blog. Well, with the buzz about the new Google Chat idea that integrates IM into Gmail (which is being phased in), I felt like testing out the chat history, which saves your Google Talk conversations in your Gmail account (the one feature […]

MSN Messenger address change

Just a heads-up for those of you who have me on the MSN list. I will be changing my address to [Update: This was only meant to notify existing friends] (ie. the same as my email address). It’s just to harmonise everything, and because the should be more future-proof (assuming I remember to renew […]

MSN and Yahoo hook up messengers

MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger will hook up. This is great news! It’s about time somebody did this. Update: Here’s what Yahoo! are saying about this: For instant messaging fans, this rates right up there with the Berlin Wall. We’ll have to wait until “the first half of 2006” though.


Okay, the third legitimate comment has been gobbled up by Spam Karma — at least the third one I caught anyway. So once the exams are out of the way I’m going to be looking at other ways of tackling spam. Spam Karma seems to be making things slow, and it’s dumping legitimate comments anyway. […]

MSN Messenger 7

My brother said I should download the proper non-beta version of MSN Messenger 7. I didn’t even know it existed yet! This is much better. I think it’s still got the highly annoying ‘nudge’ and ‘wink’ “functions”, but there’s lots of good new stuff aswell. It can be highlighted by this picture: Avatars now show […]