Who Scotland?

So as I mentioned in this week’s Scottish Blogging Roundup, a new website has been causing a bit of a stir among certain circles — just not the right ones. YouScotland was launched amid a blaze of publicity. Well, a blaze by the Scottish internet political community’s standards. Apparently the people behind the website appeared […]

The utter cretin’s guide to privacy on Facebook

I thought I’d write a little guide to privacy on Facebook because clearly it is sorely needed. Facebook is a social network. Essentially, it’s designed to connect friends together. Facebook is quite an exclusive place. The only way you can sign up is if you are in a supported network (usually a university — for […]

Not naked

I’m not taking part in the Naked Day thingy, although it is quite interesting. If you’re really eager to see what this place looks like without any clothes on, Firefox users can just go into View > Page Style > No Style. As far as I’m aware that does the same thing. At least if […]