The Edinburgh Twestival

I had a great time yesterday at the Edinburgh Twestival, an opportunity to meet other local users of Twitter while at the same time raising money for charity: water. A comment I heard a lot from other people was that the event wasn’t quite what they expected. It certainly wasn’t a total geekfest as some […]

Hamilton, the British F1 media and bloggers

Just after the Malaysian Grand Prix, Negative Camber posted a couple of rants up over at Formula 1 Blog about the excuses that the British media were making for Lewis Hamilton after his mediocre showing. First of all, the media have used the fact that Hamilton was unable to drink water as a convenient explanation […]

I wanted water, not a mouthful of yuk

One of the best things about living where I do — or so I thought — was that it seemed to be just about the only place in the country where you could have a glass of tap water without getting a mouthful of yuk. Even just a mile or so away the water tasted […]