2006 Hungarian Grand Prix

Sorry I’m so late with this post on the most incredible grand prix of the year. I’ve been very busy recently, and when I’ve not been busy I’ve been tired. Anyway, from an early age — probably when I turned 4 in 1990 — I learned that everything bad in life can be attributed to […]

2006 European Grand Prizzzzzzz

Oh man. You know how I’ve been in ‘light blogging’ mode because of all that exam malarkey. Well I was going to break my silence today, because there was a Grand Prix today, and I usually write reviews of each Grand Prix. But it’s been a real struggle. That was an immensely boring race, and […]

2006 Australian Grand Prix

Better late than never. Races don’t come much more action-packed than that. It’s just as well the race itself was good fun, because by the looks of it there isn’t going to be much of a championship battle this year. Renault and Alonso look as though they could race their cars backwards and still walk […]

Qualifying: Mixed results (in more ways than one)

Well, the new Formula 1 qualifying format was certainly different. Great fun to watch as well — at least the first two sections were. Kimi Räikkönen really showed up an interesting problem with the new format. A lot of the teams were avoiding putting in a lap until the very last moment they could get […]

Red Bull, Grey Beard

Apparently Vitantonio Liuzzi’s future at Red Bull Racing is in jeopardy, because the groovy drinks company can’t be seen hanging around with a balder. There is still hope though — Red Bull were able to see past David “Greybeard” Coulthard’s obvious deficiencies.