They need a Clause IV. They’ve got a stuck record

So Cameron wants rapid Conservative Party change. Wasn’t that meant to happen when he became leader? I know all of this stuff about David Cameron needing to find a ‘Clause IV moment’ — something that David Cameron can do to demonstrate that the Conservatives have changed. Some people said that Cameron’s comments about UKIP earlier […]

David Cameron’s big gaffe

Oh man! The Conservatives have their work cut out at the next election now. He just lost the racist vote! (And the loony vote, and the fruitcake vote! That must only leave about a dozen left. ;)) And as for Nigel Farage: …in this day and age there are things you can’t call people and […]

Election roundup

Arthur’s Seat: A cracking night for the Scottish LibDems, mild anxiety for Labour, disappointment for the SNP and frustration for the Scottish Tories. Contrasting with my view earlier in the evening that it was a good night for everybody except Labour. Looking back, though, the SNP did say that they wanted 6 seats minimum (that’s […]

Leaflet review

For ages it felt like we were ignored around here. Few leaflets, and just the odd poster — no less than three from the Lib Dems, and one from UKIP in Kirkcaldy. It is a very safe Labour seat, so it’s not really surprising. But at last, a pile of leaflets have landed on the […]

Biased BBC

Those dirty liberals!!! Channel 4 has been forced to apologise to the Green party after mistakenly transmitting its election broadcast with subtitles from the UK Independence Party… The Green spokesman said Channel 4 told his party that the erroneous subtitles – which ran for three of the broadcast’s five minutes – were added as a […]

Hey Kilroy

Hey Kilroy. Hand me a copy of the Daily Mail. Kilroy says that “all cultures are not equal” and wants to “end” multi-culturalism. It reminds me of UKIP’s promise to “scrap” political correctness. I’d like to see them try. He ended with a curious admission – he had only re-entered politics last year because had […]