Big boned band pulls out of TOTP

You can often tell that something odd has happened when lots of people come to your blog searching for the same weird thing. I’ve been getting a lot of visits today from people searching for things like “Magic Numbers walk out TOTP”. After a little bit of digging, I found this article on The […]

Top of the Pops is crap

It’s not a very clever or subtle post title, but it does get the point across: Top of the Pops is crap. It’s hard to think that just a few years the Top of the Pops brand seemed unstoppable. It was so well-known that it used to often be referred to simply as ‘TOTP’. Ask […]

Maximo Park — A Certain Trigger

Did you know that indie band Maximo Park (or is that Maxïmo Park?) are signed to the excellent techno label Warp Records? Some might say that Maximo Park is Warp’s attempt to make a bit of cash; to ape the success of Domino’s signing of Franz Ferdinand. There’s probably some truth in that; it’s certainly […]