Noisy concepts

There is something about Matthew Herbert, the revered electronic music producer who has a new album out at the moment, that I find a little bit annoying. Don’t get me wrong here. I have three Herbert-produced albums — ‘Goodbye Swingtime’, ‘Likes…’ and ‘Bodily Functions’ — and I think they are all pretty good, especially ‘Goodbye […]

Biased BBC making monkeys out of Labour

For all of those shitting themselves at the BBC’s ‘Ascent of Tory man’ graphic last week: From Armando Iannucci’s late-1990s satire-a-thon, The Friday Night Armistice, broadcast on BBC Two. I actually have vague memories of this. Brilliant. What a fantastic programme it was. Images snaffled from James O’Malley, via TV Forum.

Sport and the state

Apparently Scotland did wonderfully well at the Commonwealth Games. Sixth in the medals table does indeed sound pretty impressive. But on the other hand, it probably just emphasises the inherent pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games. Jonathan Calder has a good post about the fact that this success has led to politicians taking the credit. His […]

Defeating Labour, not New Labour

MatGB has an idea to get (New) Labour out of office. It is an interesting post. Firstly, though, a minor thing. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t about New Labour. It’s about Labour. We need to get Labour out of office. ‘New Labour’ is a snappy campaign slogan, and a method of campaigning. It’s […]

Brown is Blair

The End of Gordon Brown. My mother always goes on about this — she can’t believe that every time Brown has a perfect chance to undermine Blair (like with this current education hoo-ha) he never takes the opportunity. She forgets that Brown is just Blair in a slightly larger body.

Blair’s gran lacked respect

“TONY Blair’s gran… helped daub Communist slogans on walls in the 1930s. The revelation mocks the PM’s claim, made as he hosed down graffiti, that older generations of his family would have abhorred such behaviour.” (Via)

Tony Blair’s Respect Agenda

Nice to see Tony Blair setting a great example of respect in PMQs today. He, as usual, avoided answering any questions, and instead took every opportunity to take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats. Very respectful! This is even though everybody knows that every party is equally susceptible to leadership problems — hell, Labour […]

Plackard = terrist

A Free Country? Believe it or not, “carrying a plackard [sic] and T-shirt with anti-Blair info” doesn’t make you a terrorist.

Headless chickens

I was listening to The World at One today and I found myself being extremely confused. The first story was about the Conservatives trying to look left-wing by saying that they’re in favour of redistribution of wealth. It turns out that they’re not really in favour of redistribution of wealth. The second story was about […]