Glasgow North East candidates campaigning online

Something I have noticed about the Glasgow North East by-election is amount of innovative online coverage there has been from the media. All Media Scotland has reported on interesting methods of covering the election which have been adopted by three Scottish newspapers. The Scotsman has invited the candidates from five of the main parties to […]

Scottish Euro election results

A bit like the UK-wide result, but even more so, the result in Scotland was very static. In fact, in many ways, the outcome was totally predictable, and no seats changed hands. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t any stories though. Indeed, it was historic because it is the first time the SNP have got […]

European Parliamentary Election literature: small parties

BNP Needless to say, the BNP is a pathetic party of mindless xenophobes with moronic policies. Their election leaflet has come in for a ton of criticism too, and rightly so. My dad picked up on their use of a Spitfire at the very top of the leaflet: The Spitfire was used in a war […]

Tommy Sheridan arrested (again)

Oh dear. What astonished me when Tommy Sheridan was awarded damages in last year’s trial was the fact that a real-life Chewbacca defence was employed. It was his hairy body wot won it! Did Chewbacca like Scrabble and sunbeds as well?

On the dead trees

At the moment this blog is in something called ‘Blogworld‘ on The Herald‘s website. Apparently it’s a weekly look at what the bloggers have to say, but Google only finds three of them in the history of ever. Dunno if it’s in the print edition but it’s nice anyway. Also making an appearance are Alister […]

An apology

Last month I wrote: Sheridan will now forever be known as that orange swinger dude with the nipple clamps who spends his spare time being a socialist. I now realise I must apologise. He will actually be known as that orange hairy gorilla man who spends his spare time being a socialist. Every headline in […]

New York – Paris – Peckham

BBC News: UK protests over Israeli attacks Peace demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Lebanon are being held across the UK this weekend. … Demonstrations will be held on Saturday in 11 locations, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. … There will also be rallies in Exeter, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield and York. WTF? Back […]

Alleged sexy wildman caught in a socialist party

I think I’m glad I’m not an SSP supporter. After a good half a decade of good progress, this past year or so has been disastrous. Now it seems as though they are going down in flames, with an additional little firework display for good measure just in case nobody noticed. When Tommy Sheridan resigned […]