Dishonest loo roll

Am I the only one totally perplexed by the recent trend for loo roll manufaturers to print cuddly stuff on their products? It is impossible to pop off for a poo without becoming familiar with the pictures of feathers, flowers, big shaggy bears and cuddly little dogs that now adorn the world’s most important pieces […]

The Edinburgh Twestival

I had a great time yesterday at the Edinburgh Twestival, an opportunity to meet other local users of Twitter while at the same time raising money for charity: water. A comment I heard a lot from other people was that the event wasn’t quite what they expected. It certainly wasn’t a total geekfest as some […]

Recent adventures in Edinburgh

You might have noticed that I haven’t been updating this place so much recently — although that’s quite a common occurrence nowadays so you might not have noticed! This hectic stage of my life finally came to an end on Friday as I sat my last exam. Here are a few things that have happened […]

Toilet seat etiquette

Toilet seat up or down? This is the perennial question that has troubled humankind ever since the glorious invention of the crapper. Personally, I am not one of those who cares either way. I don’t see it as my right, as a male, to keep the toilet seat up after doing a number one. However, […]

Another blogging milestone reached!

This blog has been used as a source for a Wikipedia article — Urination! Yes, it’s about doing a wee. (Yeah, my last post was about being naked; this one is about taking a slash. Tune in tomorrow for stories about wanking.) Here is the glorious moment, mine is link #2. Public toilets often have […]

Urinal etiquette

There is a highly amusing video doing the rounds at the moment. It explains public toilet etiquette, which is one of the most important things for a male to understand. This also reminds me of The Urinal Game — although it’s clearly not a game; it’s an issue of immense importance. Apparently women’s public toilets […]

Exams: bleargh

When you first saw that image in your peripheral vision, what did you think that was? I bet you thought it was a toilet. This is the image they’re using for the new ‘exam revision’ section on our university course’s website. What’s more, it’s about twice the size of all the other icons. Every time […]