Rob sport

John Humphrys sees himself as a defender of the use of proper English. But I surely can’t be the only one to notice that he has a remarkable tendency to drop the use of full sentences altogether when he is presenting the Today programme? It seems particularly bad when he is introducing the sport. “Seven […]

Now I know why Radio 4 listeners are so conservative

I am probably your typical lazy student, although I’ve always been an awful morning person so it’s not really anything to do with being a stinky student. So when I have an earlyish lecture, it is a right chore, especially because I have to get up extra early because I have to take the train […]

Radio 4 theme axed; world doesn’t implode

It takes a brave Radio 4 controller to actually control anything. If you change anything even slightly, you can expect several letters written in green ink to appear in the newspapers. I heard Mark Damazer on the Today programme this morning justifying his decision to — *gasp* — make a change, and I thought it […]

Breaking news: search engine runs country

There must be a lot of total fruitloops who listen to the Today programme. A couple of years back they wanted to bring in a Tony Martin law, which would have made it perfectly legal to murder the paper boy so long as he was in your front garden and you said you thought there […]