Another attempt to start reading more

This week, I have decided to make another attempt at reading more books. I read stuff all the time, but almost all of it is on the web. A few hundred words at a time. Lots of breadth but not much depth. I have never done much in the way of reading books. Fiction is […]

The other SNP pickle: universities

I reckon this could be the issue that brings down the curtain on the SNP’s honeymoon period. They seem to have messed up a bit when it comes to universities, on two different issues. Firstly, the universities say they are disappointed in the amount of funding they will get. The universities asked for £168 million […]

Not enough time

I’m shocked at how I don’t have any time to do anything these days. Where does all the time go? I had a ‘reading week’ (i.e. half-arsed week off) at uni this week, yet it was still non stop. To see if I can start doing something productive, I’m thinking of perhaps going for a […]

Here is that boring post I promised you

It’s looking pretty unanimous on the ‘more personal posts’ front. The score is 8–0 at the moment. You nosy bastards! I’m currently facing up to the fact that the real reason I stopped posting ‘personal’ posts was because I’ve realised that I’m actually a bit rubbish, and writing about myself only reveals a bit more […]

Time Cube

Boing Boing have just featured the Time Cube. I’ve had one for about ten years I reckon (that’s it on the right). It cost about a fiver or something from Boots. Admittedly, it doesn’t look as nice as that sleek silver one. Mine has a dodgy speckled paint job. When I was young I thought […]

Leap seconds

This year there will be a leap second. Here’s an interesting article. They’re growing more controversial you know. (Via)