Why are web browser logos all circular?

A thought suddenly occurred to me last week when I was attending a presentation at IWMW about HTML5 and friends. One of the slides contained the logos of the five major browsers. It suddenly occurred to me that they are all round! It is almost as if the circle or sphere has, by stealth, become […]

Tim Berners-Lee has a blog

Inventor of teh interwebs, Tim Berners-Lee has a blog. How cool! He points out how his original vision of the world wide web was for users to create content instead of having the old ivory tower style: “Now in 2005, we have blogs and wikis, and the fact that they are so popular makes me […]

Berners-Lee on blogging

Mark Lawson — a few months ago he read about three blogs and said that blogging is “leftwing” — has interviewed Tim Berners-Lee. He’s only the inventor of the WWW you know. Mark Lawson: …I’m interested that at what sense you began to sense the possibilities [of the WWW]… you weren’t thinking blogging, I assume. […]