Google Blog Search

Google have launched Blog Search. Ironically enough, I discovered this through Technorati’s blog. I bet everybody’s been going on about this all day so far, but I’ve been in my own little world trying to do things and stuff. Anyway, this looks quite good actually. One of the first things I noticed is that LiveJournals […]

George Bush Hates Midgets

Do you ever wonder where some of those ‘top searches’ on Technorati come from? I clicked on it, and there’s not a single blog post about “George Bush Hates Midgets”. So how did it get to be the 6th “top search” on Technorati this hour? Hang on, it was just Technorati being broken again. Turns […]

Damn, I can’t stroke my ego

Kottke explains the problems with Technorati (via, and more from, Neil McIntosh). Technorati is certainly pretty rough around the edges, but I still think it’s the best out there for what it does, which is basically just getting bloggers all pleased with themselves when somebody links to them. I use a mixture of Technorati, TTLB […]


Alright, I’ve been tinkering again. I’ve slimmed the sidebar down, and now only 25 30 25 posts appear on a page. Archives and categories can now be found on the archives and stats page, which replaces the old ‘stats and stuff’ page. Inbound links from Technorati will also appear amongst comments from now on, thanks […]

The growth of blogging

I saw this headline on BBC News: “One blog created ‘every second’.” “Crikey,” was my first thought, followed by, “well, of course, most of them are probably forgotten about after a few days.” But then I read David Sifry’s report. It reveals that the majority of blogs are actually considered ‘active’. 55% of blogs have […]

I’ve been tinkering

As you might have noticed, I’ve been tinkering again. So I’m just posting my usual warning, and if you experience any problems (or simply if you have any feedback) please do tell me! Categories changed as promised. For instance, ‘LOL_MATE!!!!’ has changed into the rather more prim-and-proper ‘Humour’. I also have new categories like ‘Scotland’. […]