The controversial Economist article

“Home truths about home rule” Scotland has regressed into an inward-looking, slightly chip-on-shoulder, slightly Anglophobic country with no clear sense of direction. I think the controversial bit is where they suggest that it wasn’t all of those things before devolution. If Jack McConnell’s angry, you know it must be right. Update: Having read it all […]

Move to the left may alarm left

BBC News reports on a possible change in approach towards taxes from the Lib Dems: The party, which sought higher taxes at the last three elections, still wants wealthy people to pay more but would match this with cuts for poorer people… The new approach may alarm MPs and activists on the left of the […]

Flat tax

The left and flat taxes. You hear more and more discussion about flat taxes every week now. I’m still to make up my mind, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.