Takk… for nothing

Hmm, I just found out that the copy of Takk… that I bought wasn’t the special whizz bang limited edition version. You wouldn’t believe, that makes me extraordinarily irritated. I went into Edinburgh to buy it (I did something else there; I didn’t especially go into Edinburgh just to buy a CD you understand), and […]

Sigur Rós — Glósóli download

Well for the first time I just bought a download. I’ve never bought a download before because I like to get, you know, stuff for my money (yes, fancy boxes). Anyway, what I didn’t know when I bought (the download-only) Glósóli was that I was not paying for an MP3, but a WMA file. Windows […]

Still on music…

Covers for the up-coming Sigur Rós releases have been revealed: Takk… and Glósóli. The cover for Takk… looks a bit like the Turin Shroud or something. Glósóli is being released as a download-only single tantalisingly soon — August 15th. But apparently the entire album can be (illegally) downloaded already, and most people seem to be […]


More details about Sigur Rós’ new album. It’s called ‘Takk…’ — strange that ‘takk’ is one of the very few Icelandic words I know (it means ‘thanks’) — and comes out on the 12th of September. Can’t wait!