The value of GDP

There was an interesting blog post over at the Telegraph by Geoffrey Lean over the weekend. He asked if GDP is “past its sell by date”, noting that “the EU is due to publish a paper which will conclude that GDP is too limited a measurement.” I agree with the view that GDP doesn’t tell […]

Aftermath of the European Parliamentary election

The Europe-wide picture The consensus seems to be that, Europe-wide, it was a good election for the centre-right. It certainly seems as though the governing centre-left parties have taken a bit of a battering, while voters seem content with centre-right governments. Those of a socialist persuasion may well feel disgruntled. In the midst of an […]

Apologies, and revisiting political surveys

Hmm. Sorry for the light blogging recently. I’ve not really been in the mood. I’ve felt like half a person for a while now. Also, sorry that most of the posts are about Formula 1 at the moment. While I can’t think of anything interesting to write about, I might as well do the Political […]