Joe Blogs and Joe Public

I used to think that bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, from right across the political spectrum; almost like an (albeit slightly more tech-savvy) microcosm of society as a whole. Obviously there are a lot of poor people who can’t have access to the internet, but in general I thought the above at least […]

Is Tony Blair a traitor aswell?

Hmm, look at this on BBC News online. Surely by The Sun‘s own reckoning, the fact that a self-selecting sample believes that MPs were right must make Tony Blair a traitor. Wait, the leader of our country is a traitor? *explodes*

More anger at the media

Another victim of the London bombings has spoken out against the media’s misrepresentation of his views. But this time John Tulloch’s image is being used aswell. (Via.) Update: See Curious Hamster on this aswell.