New comments policy

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend that is making the battle against spam harder. Normally the way you tell a legitimate commenter from a spammer is to check that the comment is on-topic and free of bad links. Increasingly, I am finding more and more spam commenters whose writing is certainly on-topic. It doesn’t […]

Lame new words spread on the internet like a rashr

The internet is said to have made a lot of people’s jobs more difficult. Record company bosses, for instance. Or insurance companies. Or publishers. Surely another should be added to the list: lexicographers. I was thinking the other day about how quickly new words enter everyday vocabulary. Before the internet, language evolved slowly and often […]

Spoofers can just eff right off

Some absolute arsehole is using spoofing email addresses ending in to send out spam emails. I can tell this because I was greeted with seventeen bounced emails in my inbox. Goodness knows how many more were sent out. I guess I can count myself lucky that this hasn’t happened to me before. But I […]

Boring admin alert

Boring admin alert: Stuff I’ve done tonight when I probably should have been revising but I was too tired to: Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5; Re-installed Bad Behaviour; Re-installed Spam Karma. I was getting too many spam comments (approaching 500 per day) for me to moderate, so I’ve decided to go all-out on it. So if […]

Quick admin roundup

A lot has changed since I last actually told you about any of it, but I’m sure you coped. I’ve not had very much feedback about the new colour scheme which I’m calling Ceefax. Maybe it’s cos you’re not interested. If it looks bad you can blame my family, okay, cos they’re the ones that […]

Spam stocks

Spam Stock Tracker — how much you’d lose if you actually followed the ‘tips’ you get in spam. (Via.)

I appear to be back

I had to buy more bandwidth again. This time I blame one ridiculously popular post, and bloody spammers. It’s good to get that out of the way though. I spent the past half week or so trying to do as little as possible in order to squeeze as much time as I could out of […]


Spammers were sucking my bandwidth so I’ve decided to install another anti-spam plugin. Hopefully it won’t cause any problems.

Comment changes

Because of a sustained spam attack, I am now not allowing anonymous comments. You have to fill in the name and email fields (although you can obviously use a fake email if you want). Filling in your email address is also useful for Gravatars, and that not-very-interesting ‘regular commenters’ list.


I see some people are still declaring trackback dead. Everything on the internet gets spammed though. You put up with it though. I mean, take email. Nobody throws up their arms and shrieks, “email is dead.” Well they used to, but where are they now?