The smoking ban: nice, but it’s gone too far

In that post I wrote about blogging a couple of weeks ago I said that I’d never gone out and investigated anything in my life. Well I’ve turned over a new leaf because that all changed today. To investigate the effects of the smoking ban I went to the pub. Of course, I could have […]

Votes at Xteen

I haven’t bothered reading very much about the Power Inquiry because I’ve heard from some that it’s pretty much predictable stuff (“a bit like a reformers greatest hits album”) and from others that it’s not actually that good. Besideswhich, there have been several reports that have made obvious common sense suggestions for electoral reform which […]

Smoking age limit

“Ministers are considering raising the minimum legal age for buying tobacco in England from 16 to 18.” As if the current age limit stopped 12-year-olds from smoking. Mind you, I did always find it odd that you could legally buy cigarettes before you could legally buy alcohol.

The big question

Smoking out the big (West Lothian) question. Apparently, “The only way to solve it once and for all would be to have no more Scottish MPs at Westminster and a fully independent Scottish state.” Er, no it’s not. How about devolved assemblies for England? (Via.)

West Lothian rears its head again

John Reid was apparently the one who didn’t want a blanket ban on smoking in public places in England. The legislation, though, won’t affect his constituents anyway. Three cheers for democracy!

Smoking on trains

Will Howells writes about the unintended consequences of the smoking bans (although I personally cannot wait for them). When I first stepped on a GNER train I found it all terribly confusing. There seems to be a special carriage for everything. And then when you finally do find a carriage that isn’t special in some […]

Anti smoking

Last night was when I changed my mind about the upcoming ban on smoking in public places again. You see, initially I was in favour of the ban for purely selfish reasons, because I don’t smoke you see. Then I sympathised with the libertarian argument. Nobody forces me to go into a smoky pub. It […]

Smokes at 18?

MSPs set to raise legal age for buying cigarettes to 18. Hmm. I’m not at all sure about this. Sixteen-year-olds are smart enough to know that cigarettes are bad for you. And obviously this legislation would hardly stop under-18s — or under-16s for that matter — getting cigarettes. This sort of age is very confusing […]