Apparently the craze sweeping the tennis players at Wimbledon this year is blogging. …for many of the players, the [rainy] weather meant the chance for many to turn to their favourite pastime — blogging. Is that a recipe for disaster? Usually when public figures and celebrities try their hand at blogging it is absolutely shit. […]

Sky: Broadcaster of quality

I have just been watching Sky Three, which is Sky’s cheapo Freeview channel. It’s supposed to be like Sky One but a year behind or something. Sometimes it has some good stuff on it. I’m talking about Futurama here, nothing else. Anyway, the idea behind many channels on Freeview (Sky Three, The Hits, TMF, Ftn, […]

And we interrupt this report to bring you a sneeze

I wouldn’t like to criticise newsreaders too harshly. I imagine their job is pretty difficult, particularly on the rolling news channels where there must be a lot to keep on top of. Lots of people seem to bemoan the fact that newsreaders supposedly have an easy job because it consists merely of “reading the autocue”. […]

Failed transfer

Prolix has been following all that Davina malarkey so you don’t have to. File under ‘FT’ (for failed transfer) alongside Johnny Vaughan and Graham Norton. I wonder if that nice Mr Parkinson would come back? The BBC are rather good at chucking loads of license fee money down the drain by simply buying television personalities […]


(I do have a wee bit of a cold at the moment actually.) I’ve been down the pub again, and I’m still as fresh as a daisy. Anyway, this post is about the fact that BIRD FLU HAS HIT FIFE AND WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. Just before I left the house I saw that Sky […]

Sky can’t see the news

I really should know better than to try watching Sky News, but why are they now insisting on advertising Sky Active permanently on the screen with a full-size caption where the headlines usually go? I can just about understand the need for Dogs, clocks, tickers, slugs and all the rest of it. But with this […]

Sky theatre of News

I’ve just seen a picture of the long-awaited revamp of Sky News, to be thrust onto our screens on Monday. Initial reaction: looks just like a red version of ITV News’ bloody stupid ‘theatre of news’.

ITV2 ahead of Sky One

ITV2 has now pulled ahead of Sky One to become the most popular non-analogue terrestrial channel. Sky have moved to goalposts by saying that Sky One is still the most popular subscription channel. Another score for Freeview though.