My top ten ChannelĀ 4 programmes

Last week Channel 4 celebrated its 25th birthday. John asked in the comments about people’s top ten Channel 4 programmes. I would have written this at the time anyway, but I didn’t have the time and figured I’d just let it slip under the radar. However, since the question was asked, I will answer it […]

2006 has gone

Well a happy new year to you, now that we are actually in it. I notice that a few bloggers (like Will) have been posting their top five posts. I can assure you that the five most-viewed posts of the year will not have been my five best posts of the year. They will just […]

‘Crazy’ deleted; time to buy the album instead?

According to this article on Digital Spy, Gnarls Barkley’s irrepresible record-breaking single, Crazy, has been deleted because they are fed up with it. I can understand what they mean. There can’t be a single person in the country who hasn’t heard this song now. I guess when a single has been at number 1 for […]

Weekend mornings are meaningless once again

It’s a strange time in the music business. The entire pop industry seems to be a bit lost. Much has been made of the fact that in the past month the three main Saturday morning pop programmes, TOTP Reloaded, CD:UK and Popworld (in its current form at least) have all bitten the dust. I could […]

Simon and Miquita leave Popworld

AAAARRRRGH. Simon and Miquita are leaving Popworld (via). I love Simon and Miquita — they really make pop stars work hard for their respect. It is so refreshing compared to the endless sycophancy you get on other programmes. Weekend mornings will never be the same again. šŸ™ Update: According to this thread on TV Forum, […]