Sigur Rós on the telly

Sigur Rós will be on the telly again on Saturday. To couple with Sigur Rós’ supposedly more mainstream-friendly sound, the programme goes out at the mainstream-friendly time of 1:35am. Which would be Sunday morning then.

New Hafssól released!

I went, “aaaaaaaaaaaahhH!!!!” The new Sigur Rós single is Hoppípolla (my favourite from the album) and the B-side is a recording of the new version of Hafssól. Yess!

Later again!

Another good band will be appearing on Later… with Jools Holland. What’s going on?! I’d better not miss it this time.

Takk… for nothing

Hmm, I just found out that the copy of Takk… that I bought wasn’t the special whizz bang limited edition version. You wouldn’t believe, that makes me extraordinarily irritated. I went into Edinburgh to buy it (I did something else there; I didn’t especially go into Edinburgh just to buy a CD you understand), and […]


Some of you may know that my sleeping pattern can get pretty dodgy. When there’s no incentive to get up, I simply don’t get up (until late anyway). So summer holidays can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if they last over a third of the year as this one has. I’m a nightowl […]

Sixur Rós has interviewed a person who is probably Sigur Rós’ youngest fan, because he is only six! And he first saw them when he was four (I’m 19 and I’ve still not seen them once). What a lucky boy to be growing up with such beautiful music! Highlight: if you had to use one word […]

Sigur Rós — Glósóli download

Well for the first time I just bought a download. I’ve never bought a download before because I like to get, you know, stuff for my money (yes, fancy boxes). Anyway, what I didn’t know when I bought (the download-only) Glósóli was that I was not paying for an MP3, but a WMA file. Windows […]

Still on music…

Covers for the up-coming Sigur Rós releases have been revealed: Takk… and Glósóli. The cover for Takk… looks a bit like the Turin Shroud or something. Glósóli is being released as a download-only single tantalisingly soon — August 15th. But apparently the entire album can be (illegally) downloaded already, and most people seem to be […]