Domain lame

We have all accidentally visited the wrong website at some point. Recently I was talking about my blog to someone. They went to visit it, but instead of typing in this blog’s address,, they made the mistake of visiting this website. It is owned by a certain “Mr DeeJay Doctor V€€”. When I first […]

Why I can’t stand the Olympics (and the SNP)

This week there was a little stooshie in the media and the blogs about the “banning” of the Saltire during the Beijing Olympics. Jamie Hepburn noticed that the Olympic authorities in Beijing will be enforcing an age-old IOC rule which says that “flags of non-members of the Olympics” should not be displayed during the Olympics. […]

Please get my name right from now on

People often get my name wrong. I have been called any number of things: Duncan Stephens, Duncan Stephenson, Duncan Steven, Duncan Stevenssson, etc… And substitute teachers and even my normal teachers would sometimes routinely call me Stephen Duncan. My old doctor liked to do that as well (he also prescribed penicillin, even though it was […]