First impressions of Google+

Google has never quite worked with social media. After buying Blogger, it never seemed to know what to do with it. Then there were the high-profile flops Google Buzz and Google Wave. It was tempting to think that the mighty Google had lost touch completely while Facebook and Twitter gain more ground all the time. […]

The scourge of security questions

Is there anything more annoying than those security questions you need to login to certain websites? I cannot understand how they are supposed to make websites more secure. I understand that passwords can be cracked and the security question is a safety net. But let’s face it. All the advice on passwords is that they […]

Why is technology news not news?

Hello. I’ve been wondering a bit about the way technology news is still ghettoised. I don’t mean news about the latest rubbish web 2.0 start-up with a ridiculous name. I mean quite important stuff. Security problems and the like. Take what happened last week. A patch to fix a major flaw in the DNS was […]

Given a bad name

Bobbie Johnson has found out why he is often asked questions at airports. But it seems as though Garry had better watch out aswell. Oo-er.

You realise that everybody can read that?

I guess people are just really stupid. Time for people to wise up about the web. It’s dead easy. If you post something on the internet, people can see it. That means: authority figures, parents, current employers, potential future employers, everybody. Top Law Student (down at the moment; mirror here) has a post reminding you […]

Facebook fuss has an easy solution

You have to feel sorry for the folks at Facebook. Despite the fact that they have made no changes to privacy settings, the site’s users are offended, feeling as though their privacy has been invaded. This is despite the fact that Facebook’s new features don’t reveal any data that wasn’t already out in the open […]

Browzar on the back foot

At last, BBC News have removed that effusive story about the highly dodgy Browzar software. I almost complained to the BBC about it yesterday, but luckily I didn’t need to. Today they’ve replaced it with a new, much more probing story. It’s clear that Browzar is on the back foot now. I particularly like this […]

Shouting ‘fire’ on a crowded train

I’ve just found out about something that’s almost as scary as numbers stations. Inspector Sands. I’ve seen more than one person on the internet calling themselves this, and I always thought it was the same person. I’m not so sure now! Inspector Sands is actually code for “get ready to run for your fucking life”. […]

11-year-old saves the day! Errr

Blue Peter have relaunched their badges scheme. Under the new system, a unique photo card will also be needed to enter the attractions. Previous winners can apply for a card on the Blue Peter website. The idea for the new scheme came from 11-year-old viewer Helen Jennings. Jennings wrote in to the show with a […]

Phone stalking

Ben Goldacre: How I stalked my girlfriend. I am usually quite ambivalent about security issues with technology (there are people who would probably throw up their arms and shriek about the security implications if paper and pencils were invented yesterday) — but this is really scary.