Search me

Somebody just arrived at this blog searching for “edinburgh university physics exam time“. Something tells me you’re looking in the wrong place! Here would be more helpful. Whoever you are, you don’t have much time!

claimID revisited

When I wrote about claimID a couple of weeks ago, Terrell Russell from claimID left a comment: I hope claimID serves you well. Keep linking to yours and we’re betting it will. Search for my name on Google today and my claimID page is result #3. Other links that I included in my claimID page […]

Searching newspapers

Currybet has a series of posts reviewing the search features of newspapers’ websites. This post summarises the results. He rates The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail most highly. I would agree with the latter two, although the last time I tried to search TimesOnline it was a complete nightmare.

Claiming my identity

Today I have mostly been playing with claimID. It is a website that lets you manage your online identity in a way. It is basically a way to say, “this is me, and that isn’t”. In a way it can be seen as a small step in the battle against Google’s domination. If you search […]

The media’s obsession with Google

The media’s love affair with Google has continued apace today. Google sniffed, and the media shat itself. While I obviously don’t think it’s pleasent that Google is censoring its results in China, I am actually surprised that they weren’t already doing that. Remember a year or so back when MSN banned its Chinese users from […]

It wasn’t me

Google wins again. It is quite common for people to land on any blog via some strange or unlikely search term. As such, I don’t often share them (although you can see them all for yourself if you want by looking at my Sitemeter stats). But I was surprised to find out that I am […]

Breaking news: search engine runs country

There must be a lot of total fruitloops who listen to the Today programme. A couple of years back they wanted to bring in a Tony Martin law, which would have made it perfectly legal to murder the paper boy so long as he was in your front garden and you said you thought there […]

Google Reader

Well now that things have sped up, I’ve had a shot at Google Reader. I don’t really like it. Bloglines is better for me at the moment. I bet if today’s Google were to launch a search engine, it certainly wouldn’t have the ‘simplicity’ that is meant to have made Google so popular.