Cricket and broadcasting

Not another post about Sky (I really can’t be bothered, although it will be a shame for cricket to be away from terrestrial television), but it’s about the BBC’s regional / national / whatever news policy. I’ve spotted two posts on this today. The comments at Freedom and Whisky are filled with people wanting a […]

Scottish and Grampian opt-outs

The SMG channels are planning sub-opts in our local news bulletins. Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s a bit of a sucker-punch — the perception is that Scottish TV and Grampian TV are now practically the same channel in every respect apart from the name (and local bulletin). The problem Scottish TV […]

New BBC weather graphics

When the Beeb announced that they were ditching their classic symbols and going for a “realistic” “three-dimensional” forecast I complained about it on my blog. I had images of Scottish TV’s truly awful “flythrough” weather forecast, or the ones on Sky News where you need a magnifying glass to see if it’s raining. However, the […]

Jamie Oliver and the Scottish Six

This whole Jamie Oliver thing has been interesting. That’s annoying, because it doesn’t actually affect me. It’s another one of those Englandandwales stories that becomes the top of the agenda. I get roped in, I find it very interesting and I say, “Yes, it’s good that children will finally be able to eat healthy school […]