Another West Lothian complication

Says The Scotsman: MOST Scots still believe that Westminster has much more influence on their lives than the Holyrood parliament – even on devolved affairs, according to the ICM poll… The findings will come as a relief to Jack McConnell and the Labour ministers in the Scottish Executive who have come under fire during this […]

Scottish Standard on its last legs?

It didn’t take long — The Scottish Standard appears to be on its last legs, after only its sixth issue. SCOTTISH Standard, the pro-independence weekly tabloid newspaper launched last month, has reportedly cut staff. The latest casualty is understood to be its business editor, Nick Bibby… It is believed the editorial team now numbers five. […]

Trip to West Wemyss

I spent more than twelve hours in bed last night. That’s more than half of the day for crying out loud! My mother told me to go on a walk, and my friend David wanted to go on a walk aswell. We decided to go to West Wemyss in the end, a tiny town just […]

Ben Ledi and Callander

Yesterday I went with my parents to Callander in central Scotland. It’s not the first time I’ve been there, but the magnificent Ben Ledi particularly stood out yesterday. It may officially be summer time, but there was still a nip in the air yesterday. The snowcap present on Ben Ledi meant that it was impossible […]

What a cliffhanger

When you see a headline like “MSP seen on CCTV in sex act with aide: A MEMBER of the Scottish Parliament has been caught on CCTV committing a sex act within the parliament’s grounds,” you just have to click it. You don’t want to be seeing this (on the right) though. No sight of it […]

Jamie Oliver and the Scottish Six

This whole Jamie Oliver thing has been interesting. That’s annoying, because it doesn’t actually affect me. It’s another one of those Englandandwales stories that becomes the top of the agenda. I get roped in, I find it very interesting and I say, “Yes, it’s good that children will finally be able to eat healthy school […]

I was always the patriotic one

Scotland have played Italy this evening, messing about with BBC One’s brand spanking new Saturday night lineup. A conversation between me and my mother: Me: It’s not as if we’d win. Mother: But we will win. Me [sarcastically]: Yeah, yeah. Well we didn’t. But from what I saw, Scotland didn’t play too badly — but […]

The Tories just lost a non-vote

That’s right. A little Scottish blog called Katherine’s Adventures is kicking up a right wee storm. You see, Katherine is working in the Scottish Parliament for Brian Monteith, a Conservative list MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife. So he’s one of my MSPs, which makes this interesting. (Update: Just thought I’d add that he’s only one […]