Quote of the day

Glasgow claims to be Scotland’s friendliest city but a closer examination reveals that usually means a one-sided conversation at a bus stop leading to a plea for 20p. —Stephen Jardine in the Edinburgh Evening News (via Newsblog). My mother comes from Glasgow and claims it’s a really friendly place. I don’t believe her. The last […]

I am not a nationality

John B asks, “English? Wossat then?” Many bits of the administrative region called England – London, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Newcastle-and-surroundings, Manchester-and-surroundings, Scouseland-and-surroundings and Cumbria, for starters – all have regional identities that are far stronger than any ‘English’ identity. I obviously don’t know well enough because I’m not English. But from this not-very-distant distance it certainly […]

Scottish political blogs

There have been a few discussions recently, particularly at Stuart Dickson’s blog, about the possibility of Scottish political blog directories, aggregators, and so on. Now Stuart Dickson has set up a brand new blog, Scottish Political Blogs Review. This is a great idea! Stuart’s definition of a Scottish political blog: “a blog written by a […]

The Scottish political blogosphere

Stuart Dickson has painstakingly created all sorts of league tables based on Sitemeter and Technorati data. There is also a brand new Scottish blogs section on UK Poli Blogs (via). See also this, this and this.

Getting a life

I just had a look at the front page of this blog and found that the eight previous posts are all asides. Oops. I’ve not been blogging so much because it’s summer, which is a time when you sort of get a life and stuff. I’ve been on three separate excursions, all somewhere along the […]


I can’t think of anything to write about. But I did go out and take a few photos, and I submitted one to the Geograph website. It turns out that there are quite a few from the surrounding area; Kirkcaldy just seems to take up more square kilometres than I thought! Meanwhile, here’s another nice […]

Shadow Scottish secretary resigns

I said at the time that it was a mistake, and already James Gray, who sits in an English seat, has resigned as Scottish secretary for saying that MSPs should be abolished. Gray and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, David McLetchie, hadn’t even ever spoken to each other! What a mess.

A complaint to the BBC

I just made my first complaint to the BBC! Oh yes. It’s about the weather. I blogged about it a couple of days ago: the south of Great Britain appears much larger in proportion to the north of the country. I don’t think this means that people will think that Scotland is an economic backwater […]

Election roundup

Arthur’s Seat: A cracking night for the Scottish LibDems, mild anxiety for Labour, disappointment for the SNP and frustration for the Scottish Tories. Contrasting with my view earlier in the evening that it was a good night for everybody except Labour. Looking back, though, the SNP did say that they wanted 6 seats minimum (that’s […]