TMF is The sHits

Music channels really are a load of pish. Apparently it is cheaper to run a music channel than it is to publish a magazine. And it shows. This is probably why Emap like to milk every last droplet out of their magazine brands while the magazines themselves have gone the way of the dodo (hello, […]

Worst singles of 2005

Some amusing music reviews from The Distractor. The ninth worst single of 2005: “Alex F” by Crazy Frog; the eighth worst single of 2005: “Nine Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua.

Top of the Pops is crap

It’s not a very clever or subtle post title, but it does get the point across: Top of the Pops is crap. It’s hard to think that just a few years the Top of the Pops brand seemed unstoppable. It was so well-known that it used to often be referred to simply as ‘TOTP’. Ask […]

Really annoying ringtone

Loads of folk have got here searching for “Nathan Barley ringtone”. Try here. Update: Also, for those if you who are searching for information on Autechre’s new album, Untilted, the prospects of that leak being a fake is now close to zero — Fermium can now be heard on Warp Records’ website.