My top ten ChannelĀ 4 programmes

Last week Channel 4 celebrated its 25th birthday. John asked in the comments about people’s top ten Channel 4 programmes. I would have written this at the time anyway, but I didn’t have the time and figured I’d just let it slip under the radar. However, since the question was asked, I will answer it […]

This is what we (used to) do

The BBC unveiled it’s big new marketing campaign, apparently their first one since Perfect Day (whoa, that’s about ten years, huh?). It’s a nice idea. I like the fact that they’re quite understated. Such a nice contrast to those unbearable Freeview adverts. But have you noticed something? John Simpson ‘liberated’ Kabul five years ago (complete […]

Beat 10shit

Last week one of the local radio stations (well, I say local, but its studios are actually in Glasgow — as if enough of the media didn’t already come from Glasgow), Beat 106, changed its name to Xfm Scotland. Snappy. I’ve had quite a rocky relationship with Beat 106. When it first launched in 1999 […]