Swearing illegalised

Watch out — the last time Owen Barder did one of these, it turned out to be kind of prescient. So let me just take this opportunity to swear really hard while it’s still legal: front bum.

Blair’s gran lacked respect

“TONY Blair’s gran… helped daub Communist slogans on walls in the 1930s. The revelation mocks the PM’s claim, made as he hosed down graffiti, that older generations of his family would have abhorred such behaviour.” (Via)

Tony Blair’s Respect Agenda

Nice to see Tony Blair setting a great example of respect in PMQs today. He, as usual, avoided answering any questions, and instead took every opportunity to take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats. Very respectful! This is even though everybody knows that every party is equally susceptible to leadership problems — hell, Labour […]