Selling looks and selling sex

I saw this story about a man who has come to believe that he must be the ugliest man in the world — because he has had 5,000 marriage proposals rejected (via Digg). I don’t think Emil Kacic is ugliest man in the world. He is certainly not as ugly as some of the people […]

To Duncan. From the person who always frowns at you

I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas you know. I really don’t mind it at all. I’m not a total Scrooge (who, incidentally, was a fellow Langtonian). There are very good reasons to try and enjoy yourself at this time of year. It’s cold, dark and miserable. What else can you do except make the […]

One creepy customer

I had to deal with a really creepy customer last Friday at work. I am probably in a minority in that I prefer shelf stacking to being on the tills. I never realised how much I hate being on the tills until Sunday because in recent weeks I’ve mostly only been filling shelves. I probably […]