Voting day

Well today is voting day! What do you mean ‘what election’? Pah! Well I didn’t change my mind in the end. I came across this article by Magnus Linklater, my first preference. “I have no intention of playing the Scottish card, of course,” he says, although I think he has. His campaign website is tartan […]

Ballard’s poll is conclusive!

Woopsadaisy. “Student favourite” for the upcoming Edinburgh University Rectorial election, Mark Ballard has put a poll up on his website asking who you are most likely to vote first. It would appear to be Boris Johnson, by a significant margin. I was one of only four voters for Magnus Linklater, so I guess I don’t […]

Edinburgh’s Rectorial election

I don’t think I had heard of Magnus Linklater until earlier today. He is apparently one of the candidates for rector of Edinburgh University. Nominations closed yesterday, but I can’t find anything about it on Edinburgh University’s website — but then again, it’s very difficult to find anything on that website. I’m not exactly sure […]