Forza Minardi! Bravo Sebastian!

After the controversy of Spa, which I described at the time as being among the darkest days of F1, the Italian Grand Prix has provided the sport with its best day for a very long time. It’s the good news story F1 craved. Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner at a […]

A missed opportunity

Melua’s deep sea gig sets record Singer Katie Melua has entered the record books by playing the world’s deepest underwater concert. Unfortunately the gig was in an oil rig so she didn’t drown.

Honda achieves non-F1 land speed non-record

I really don’t like this story: Honda sets F1 land speed record. They’ve been working on this Bonneville400 project for about a year I think. They’ve built an ‘F1’ car designed to reach a high top speed in a straight line — their aim is to reach 400km/h, although they haven’t achieved this yet. But […]