Buddha Machine II

A few years ago I wrote about the Buddha Machine, a charming little plastic box that emits ethereal music. It is an interesting object, mostly because the nine loops that it can play are so other-worldly and, despite their brevity, infinitely fascinating. Which is just as well, because they will repeat endlessly. Well, until you […]

Scottish budget: I can’t blame the Greens

Scottish politics became exciting and sexy yesterday. Sexy as politics goes anyway. The excitement is over the fact that the SNP have failed to persuade the Scottish Parliament to back its budget. Cue lots of finger pointing. It’s the sort of thing that makes members of the public disdainful of politicians. I chose to listen […]


It seemed to be going so well too. In 2006, Scotland’s rail service was pretty good from my perspective. The route I take — Fife to Edinburgh — is meant to be one of the worst in the country, but I think it is fine. Granted, I no longer have to go at peak time […]

Joe Blogs knows nothing. So what?

There was something interesting in that report about Scottish blogging on Radio Scotland from a couple of weeks ago that I never got around to writing about. Tim Montgomerie of 18 Doughty Street and Conservative Home was asked about a concern that some people might have about the blogosphere — that people who don’t actually […]

The sorry state of the Scottish blogosphere

Will Patterson was on Radio Scotland yesterday discussing the rather sorry state of Scottish political blogging. You can hear it here. Don’t know how sorry a state it’s in? Well, Will P said that (along with the brilliant CuriousHamster), doctorvee is one of the “blogs that everyone’s reading”. I get the feeling that anybody coming […]

If you like getting up early at the weekend…

They must think I’m okay at the old radio thing because today I recorded an interview for Radio Scotland’s Newsweek programme, which is on at 8am on Saturday. I had never heard of this “8am on Saturday” thing before. I was shocked. I’ll probably sleep through it. Or I might stay up for it. 😀 […]

Buddha Machine on Radio Scotland

Just a quick post to say for those of you who can’t wait to hear my voice that I’m going to be on Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme tonight (sometime between 4 and 6) talking about the Buddha Machine. You can hear me forgetting all the witty things I had prepared to say in crystal-clear FM. […]

Radio limbo pt. 2

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I don’t know what radio to listen to any more. My experiments tuning into other radio stations have been pretty hit-and-miss. In the comments Simstim suggested Radio 4. Once you’ve taken Five Live out of the equation, Radio 4 is one of the most likely options for me […]


Just over a week after I complained about a story on Good Morning Scotland about a service station just outside Glasgow, this morning in exactly the same slot they did a story about something which feels quite local to me (we just need somebody from Aberdeen to complain about its irrelevance now). It was about […]

Steel’s Scotland

Lib Dems open door to coalition with SNP. No big surprise there; it’s surely been on the cards since Jim Wallace resigned. And why not? A Labour–Lib Dem coalition seemed like the most sensible option at the time, but as a Lib Dem supporter (and I doubt I’m going to float my vote anywhere else […]