Action on quiz channels at last!

I’ve heard this on Radio Five Live’s bulletins at 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock, but strangely I haven’t found any mention of this on the internet at all. The offices of Big Game TV have been raided. Apparently it is alleged that at certain times callers had no chance of getting through. I am shocked. […]

Radio limbo pt. 2

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I don’t know what radio to listen to any more. My experiments tuning into other radio stations have been pretty hit-and-miss. In the comments Simstim suggested Radio 4. Once you’ve taken Five Live out of the equation, Radio 4 is one of the most likely options for me […]

Now I know why Radio 4 listeners are so conservative

I am probably your typical lazy student, although I’ve always been an awful morning person so it’s not really anything to do with being a stinky student. So when I have an earlyish lecture, it is a right chore, especially because I have to get up extra early because I have to take the train […]

Radio 4 theme axed; world doesn’t implode

It takes a brave Radio 4 controller to actually control anything. If you change anything even slightly, you can expect several letters written in green ink to appear in the newspapers. I heard Mark Damazer on the Today programme this morning justifying his decision to — *gasp* — make a change, and I thought it […]

Breaking news: search engine runs country

There must be a lot of total fruitloops who listen to the Today programme. A couple of years back they wanted to bring in a Tony Martin law, which would have made it perfectly legal to murder the paper boy so long as he was in your front garden and you said you thought there […]

John HumphrIES

One of the many disadvantages of getting up early, which I have to do again from this week onwards, is the terrible choice on the radio. I can choose to put up with Nicky Campbell on Radio Five Live, but I’d frankly rather eat my own faeces. So I switch to Radio 4 expecting something […]