This is what I got my brother for Christmas: This is what my brother got me for Christmas: I guess that’s almost the same as exchanging five pound notes.

Phones: they make great phones!

Here is iRiver’s “PSP killer”, the G10 (via New Links). Looks nice, but the PSP is bound to win for two reasons: WipEout Pure (a return to form for the WipEout series!) Lumines (the most addictive puzzle game I’ve played in ages) While we’re on fancy new-fangled gadgets, I’ve been hearing one or two people […]

Aphex Twin and WipEout Pure

One of my favourite video games of all time is the WipEout series, especially Wip3out. WipEout Fusion was a big disappointment, but we are promised that the new version for the PSP, WipEout Pure, is a return to form. Aphex Twin has a track in it called Naks Acid. As the title might suggest, it’s […]