The utter cretin’s guide to privacy on Facebook

I thought I’d write a little guide to privacy on Facebook because clearly it is sorely needed. Facebook is a social network. Essentially, it’s designed to connect friends together. Facebook is quite an exclusive place. The only way you can sign up is if you are in a supported network (usually a university — for […]

Top secret: do not read

This is kind of related to my Facebook post below. Google results for “Confidential “do not distribute”“. Hint: If you want something to be kept private, don’t put it on the internet. And especially don’t flag up confidential information so obviously! (Via.)

Facebook fuss has an easy solution

You have to feel sorry for the folks at Facebook. Despite the fact that they have made no changes to privacy settings, the site’s users are offended, feeling as though their privacy has been invaded. This is despite the fact that Facebook’s new features don’t reveal any data that wasn’t already out in the open […]

Browzar on the back foot

At last, BBC News have removed that effusive story about the highly dodgy Browzar software. I almost complained to the BBC about it yesterday, but luckily I didn’t need to. Today they’ve replaced it with a new, much more probing story. It’s clear that Browzar is on the back foot now. I particularly like this […]

Claiming my identity

Today I have mostly been playing with claimID. It is a website that lets you manage your online identity in a way. It is basically a way to say, “this is me, and that isn’t”. In a way it can be seen as a small step in the battle against Google’s domination. If you search […]