Who I’d like to see on the BBC

The news that the BBC have got the rights to show Formula 1 from next season have been very exciting. Articles about what we might be getting from the BBC still pop up from time to time on various blogs and occasional snatches of news and rumours make the picture clearer slowly but surely. But […]

Hamilton masterclass as Ferrari foul up again

Anyone who has known me for long will know that I am no fan of Lewis Hamilton. But I really have to hand it to him for his performance at Silverstone yesterday. It was an absolute masterclass. People joke about how Hamilton describes every single win as his “best ever”. Yet this time around he […]

Liveblog: French Practice

Ah, France. The country that invented motor racing. What a shame Magny-Cours is such a terrible circuit that gives us boring races. Oh well, you never know what will happen in F1, even at a boring circuit so we will all tune in as always. For the first time in a while, there will be […]

Bluffer’s guide — Part 3: teams and drivers

At last, bluffer’s guide makes its return. For the past couple of months I’ve been too busy to continue the series, but now I have some more free time. Previous bluffer’s guides have looked at the rules and aspects of strategy. This guide will look at issues around teams and drivers: how they enter, why […]

Liveblog: Monaco Practice

All set for Monaco! Remember that at Monaco Saturdays are often better than the race itself, so this is the place to be — certainly for qualifying anyway. I’m not sure if I’ll be around for the practice liveblog myself. ITV in their infinite wisdom have scheduled the GP2 programme (showing yesterday’s Feature Race) to […]

Liveblog: Turkish Practice

You can’t have failed to have noticed that I am on a rather extended hiatus now. I have loads I’d like to say as always, but I don’t have the time to type out or even mull over my thoughts — just enough time for the pithy comments I’ve been writing in the link posts […]

Liveblog: Spanish practice

It’s the race weekend and that means it’s time again to participate in F1Fanatic’s liveblogs. Sadly there were no liveblogs for Friday practice because Keith from F1Fanatic was working. And I wouldn’t have made it anyway because I had an exam! Thankfully, though, my weekend is unusually clear and I’m looking forward to a top […]

How to follow a Grand Prix

This guide is all about how to watch a Grand Prix. You might be thinking, “how hard can that be?” You would be right — all you really have to do is switch the telly on and sit back. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. The approach I outline in this post will not be […]

Liveblog: Bahrain Practice

After the unsavoury events of the week, it is finally time to go racing. That also means it is liveblog time. If you want to chat while watching the weekend’s action unfold, this is where to do it. These liveblogs have been pioneered by Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic. I am an admin of the liveblogs, […]