Liveblog: Chinese Practice

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Liveblog: Japanese Practice

This one is going to throw our sleeping patterns completely out of whack. But we’re still here with the F1 Fanatic liveblog. Well, I say “we”, but it remains to be seen whether I will actually be around. I’ll definitely be here for Friday Practice 1, but we’ll see about FP2… It’s a flyaway race […]

Are FOTA off their rocker?

I was originally quite pleased when I heard earlier this year that the Formula 1 teams had finally decided to put their differences aside and join together as the Formula One Teams Association. At last, someone with teeth who can stand up the Max Mosley and the FIA. That’s all well and good if FOTA […]

Liveblog: Singapore Practice

This is a big moment in Formula 1 history as we are about to see for the first time an official Formula 1 session held after sunset! The Singapore Grand Prix will be Formula 1’s first night race and the action starts with Friday Practice 1. Thanks to the jazzy time malarkey, Friday Practice 1 […]

Liveblog: Italian Practice

I have scarcely had time to breathe since the Belgian Grand Prix. Back to back races are pretty hectic. Makes me glad I’m just a blogger and not actually working in F1 (although if any jobs are going… 😉 ). On top of the Grand Prix, Monza marks the climax of the GP2 season — […]

Liveblog: Belgian Practice

Click below to see the previous liveblogs. Friday Practice 1 and Friday Practice 2 have already been covered. Saturday Practice begins at 10am British time. Saturday Practice

The disappointment of Valencia shows that fans have been forgotten

I’ve been thinking a bit about the recent European Grand Prix. Almost universally, Formula 1 fans have expressed their disappointment in what was — even by F1’s standards — an incredibly boring race. However, equally universally, those who are lucky enough to live in the Formula 1 bubble were effusive in their praise of the […]

Liveblog: European Practice

I can’t wait to see what happens this weekend, as we are visiting the Valencia Street Circuit for the first time. Practice will give us a great idea of what sort of things to watch out for, and it promises to be the most vital practice session of the year so far. Click below to […]

Liveblog: Hungarian Practice

This weekend it’s the Hungarian Grand Prix. I will be running the F1Fanatic liveblogs for Friday Practice 1 and 2. It’s an early rise as Practice 1 is due to begin at 0900 British time, with Practice 2 starting at 1300. Click below to participate in the liveblogs, including for Saturday Practice. For information on […]

Liveblog: German Practice

Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at running a liveblog myself. I was going to contact Keith about doing these Friday liveblogs like I did a couple of races ago, but I think I was too late contacting him. Also, in fairness, it is a bit complicated making him take time off work so […]