Final thoughts on Glasgow East

Well, I say “final thoughts”, but really I mean “first and only thoughts” because this is the first time I’ve actually managed to find the time and motivation to write about tomorrow’s Glasgow East by-election. It’s difficult to know what I am hoping for. The party I am most sympathetic towards — the Lib Dems […]

More on environmentalists

Since I wrote about the overblown approach some environmentalists have been taking, I may as well post about it again because two stories have caught my eye today. Firstly the nuclear thing. Today’s announcement from the government is probably the best news for the environment for years. Nuclear power is, after all, carbon-free (well, carbon-low […]

Tory boy Bob Geldof

I reckon this reflects badly on both Mr Geldof and Mr Cameron. Since Cameron was elected, the Conservatives have just reeled of a bunch of tokenistic gestures presumably designed to make them seem more left-wing. Update: MatGB PaulJ does this better.