The world ended in 1966 for the Daily Express

I mentioned recently that I am a huge fan of the radio programme Up All Night. Every night on the programme a newspaper editor discusses what is going to be in the morning’s edition of his particular newspaper. Most of the editors do just that: explain what is going to be in the morning paper. […]

Political correctness, formerly known as placenames changing

Still being a cheeky youngster, it often annoys me when people use old names of things that changed ages ago. You know the sort of thing I mean — people who still say West Germany instead of Germany and the European Cup instead of the Champions League. Loads of people still say Czechoslovakia, which particularly […]

David Cameron’s big gaffe

Oh man! The Conservatives have their work cut out at the next election now. He just lost the racist vote! (And the loony vote, and the fruitcake vote! That must only leave about a dozen left. ;)) And as for Nigel Farage: …in this day and age there are things you can’t call people and […]