Order. I can’t allow that, that dump wasn’t big enough

It was on the radio when I came in. I just caught the start of it. Michael Martin was telling off David Cameron for asking Tony Blair during PMQs who he thinks should be the next leader of the Labour Party. I didn’t see it on the television, but it certainly sounded very interesting indeed. […]

Tony Blair’s Respect Agenda

Nice to see Tony Blair setting a great example of respect in PMQs today. He, as usual, avoided answering any questions, and instead took every opportunity to take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats. Very respectful! This is even though everybody knows that every party is equally susceptible to leadership problems — hell, Labour […]

Relying on Howard

For the first time in ages I have got worked up over a piece of legislation. I was just listening to PMQs, and Blair has got me absolutely fuming. It was pointed out on the radio that it’s ridiculous that we should be relying so much on Michael Howard, who was once seen as the […]