I’m a Mac and I’m also a tosser

I can’t stand the smugness of those Get a Mac adverts with Mitchell and Webb in them. I especially hate the one that says Macs never crash. That’s just bullshit. I’m sure OS X is better, but the last Mac I used crashed all the time. As for this PC with Windows XP — for […]

Mummy, I need a Wii!

My brother and I have just been pissing ourselves because Nintendo have decided to change the name of their new games console. It was the fairly respectable ‘Revolution’. Now it’s called Wii — pronounced ‘we’. Or ‘wee’. From respectability to instant worldwide laughing stock in one move. Well done Nintendo! So now their console literally […]

Remote control

What is it with Nintendo and controllers? For the NES they brought out a controller shaped like a brick, but we can forgive them for that since it was the 1980s. But then they brought out the N64 with its stupidly positioned analogue stick. It might have been an innovation that gamers now take for […]