Going radio gaga

The country lurches back into its usual routine this week. But with the new year comes changes, and a vital part of everyone’s daily life — the radio — will seem very different. My parents are concerned about what will happen to Radio 2 after the departure of Terry Wogan from breakfast. They were not […]

Did Bernie Ecclestone condone racism?

I didn’t have the time to blog about it when the story originally blew up, but I have a few thoughts on the issue. Late last week Bernie Ecclestone gave an interview to BBC Radio 5 Live where he made comments that were interpreted by some as condoning racist behaviour in the grandstands at Formula […]

The future of 5 Live

Radio 5 Live has a new controller, Adrian van Klaveren. This is of interest to me because pretty much whenever I listen to the radio it is Radio 5 Live. No doubt he will want to make his presence felt and will be making changes soon enough. So it’s a good opportunity to have a […]

How much can they not get it?

As usual for a Sunday, I woke up this morning listening to Julian Worricker’s programme on Radio Five Live. Today, in place of the Five Live Report, was a one-off programme about “Blogging in the UK”. “Oh, that’ll be interesting,” I thought, so I stayed in bed and waited for it to come on. I […]

Radio limbo pt. 1

I’ve had a bit of an up and down relationship with the radio. I’m the sort of person who wants to be able to tune into a radio station and be able to listen to it whenever my whim takes me, at any time of the day. But whenever I think I’ve found what I’m […]

John HumphrIES

One of the many disadvantages of getting up early, which I have to do again from this week onwards, is the terrible choice on the radio. I can choose to put up with Nicky Campbell on Radio Five Live, but I’d frankly rather eat my own faeces. So I switch to Radio 4 expecting something […]


I was listening to the Olympic vote thingy on BBC Radio Five Live. Nicky Campbell, the guy that actually makes me listen to the Today programme, was in Trafalgar Square. When the result came in he yelped, “YES! YES! YES! …… YES! YES!!” Then he thought he wasn’t on air. Then when he was told […]

The fifth guest on Question Time times five

I just got an email from the Politics department at university. They’re wanting audience members for a new programme (emphasis in the original). Tired of listening to ‘those in the know’ talking the same tired old rubbish? Heard it all before? Then get The Last Word…with Nicky Campbell. AAAAAARGHGHGH. Free from E numbers… Oh no, […]