Get set for another year of politics in F1

A lot of people are scratching their heads about the FIA’s latest plan when it comes to race stewards. One of the most common complaints you will hear an F1 fan make is that the decisions made by the stewards are not consistent enough. For the past couple of years there has been a permanent […]

Britishness and clones

Following on from my post from a couple of days ago, there is more on proposed citizenship ceremonies at Blood & Treasure. Meanwhile, Lenin has a look at Boris Johnson. Johnson’s piece is quite ridiculous. It is under the headline, “The British dream: we must all speak the same language.” That’s a pretty rubbish dream […]


In recent weeks there have been more calls for Muslims (and presumably people from minority groups in general) to be prepared to be more British. There was at least one call for people who didn’t want to be more British to leave the country. The problem is that nobody can work out exactly what Britishness […]

I am not a nationality

John B asks, “English? Wossat then?” Many bits of the administrative region called England – London, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Newcastle-and-surroundings, Manchester-and-surroundings, Scouseland-and-surroundings and Cumbria, for starters – all have regional identities that are far stronger than any ‘English’ identity. I obviously don’t know well enough because I’m not English. But from this not-very-distant distance it certainly […]