Flag burning is dull

Flags seem to be in the news a bit at the moment, particularly over that pond. Is there nothing more interesting going on? Obviously not, because I can’t think of anything else to blog about at the moment. Anyway, the World Cup has enough of an excuse for flags to be discussed in the blogosphere […]

It has nothing to do with the Union

I don’t know why some people get so upset about the fact that some Scottish people don’t like to support England. I find it funny how it has become such a big political issue. Some like to pretend that it shows that the United Kingdom is illegitimate and should be split up into separate nations. […]

Britishness and clones

Following on from my post from a couple of days ago, there is more on proposed citizenship ceremonies at Blood & Treasure. Meanwhile, Lenin has a look at Boris Johnson. Johnson’s piece is quite ridiculous. It is under the headline, “The British dream: we must all speak the same language.” That’s a pretty rubbish dream […]

Watching nats

Via Liberal England we have Nat Watch. Should be good, although I tend not to bother too much with the issue of nationalism, mostly because I think that simply drawing a border — even if you can decide where to draw it — would do bugger all for anything.