Given a bad name

Bobbie Johnson has found out why he is often asked questions at airports. But it seems as though Garry had better watch out aswell. Oo-er.

Hello, my name is… Engin?

Despite having been working at Woolworths for almost a month now, I still haven’t been given my own name. Unlike some shops where nametags are essentially made out of a bit of paper put inside a plastic case, Woolworths seem to have to specially engrave one in a top-secret time-consuming procedure. So while we wait […]

Where my family comes from

I saw this Surname Profiler on BBC News yesterday, but it was down then — Ryan Morrison reminded me about it today. I am amazed to find out that my surname, Stephen, exists only in Scotland! No wonder people often get my name wrong (doesn’t explain why Scots get it wrong though). It is especially […]

Yours, Terry Scott

According to this thingy, my English name is Terry Scott. I think that’s probably how the people behind those Cillit Bang! adverts named their man Barry Scott. Via Guardian Unlimited Newsblog.